The Stigma Behind Getting a Hair Transplant

The one thing I’ve learned about getting a hair transplant is that the men who are most interested in the procedure are the ones who don’t even need it.

They ask me all kinds of questions and tell me they are preparing to get a hair transplant in the future, even though they have no obvious indication of baldness.

These are men in their 20s and early 30s who upon closer inspection might show early signs of male pattern baldness, but it is already magnified a thousand times in their minds.

“I wasn’t this bald a few years ago,” a friend told me a few weeks ago. “I want to stop it before it gets worse.”

Then there are the guys who are completely bald. These are men in their 40 and 50s who started going bald, then decided to shave it all off. They show no interest in my procedure. Nor do they show any indication that they are stressing out about being bald. Continue reading